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August 24, 2006



And isnt that boring my friend? Why dont u write a brief post with the main idea? Is it coz u want to seem so ....british and posh?

Keep it simple and write abt sausages, just like King!


Limey, as some people say..."it's MY blog and I'll write about what I want". Heh.

I enjoyed the post. I also hope you can get the Poles not only elected, but devise a master plan to have them running Bath in five years.

Whatever happened to your plan to import a Mexican cook and serve enchiladas?

Sounds like Baaarth is the polar opposite of NYC. Don't know if I would survive there. Personally, I like a big melting pot, etc, etc.

King Of The Hill

You'd love Bath Oeds. they've just spent £80 squazillion on a new spa which opened 2 years late and had to be closed down after about a month because of safety issues. Quintessentially English!

King Of The Hill

£450,000 gets you a squat in Willesden btw Limey!


TY, Oedipa. Rest assured, I shall :)

But its lovely, King. Worth every penny of taxpayer's money so that I can enjoy subsidised steam rooms and roof top thermal pools....:D

King Of The Hill

I'm planning a jaunt to the west country quite soon, and intend to sample the sensation of tax money oozing through my pores.


Oeds just has no sense of humour these days! You should really be a lawyer and protect the innocent!

Well congrats my british ones for the unfunctional Spa!


I hope your plan for the Poles comes to fruition!


Was it Freud who said that jokes are half-truths? I forget...

Cris...it's just that it's often difficult for me to discern when you are just "joking around" as your word choices and the contexts you often comment on or in leave me quite baffled and more often than not struck by what seems to be a bitter or barbed tone instead. It's probably partly due a cultural or linguistic barrier.

If I misinterpret your remarks when you're "just kidding around", I apologise. And no, I'm not always in a joking mood. I work 12 hour days writing code when I'd rather be writing poems for one thing.

Still not sure what to say to your "lawyer for the innocent" remark. I'm guessing that is more directed at Stephen than at me.

One thing's for sure, if I did get a Law degree instead of my MFA, I'd make more money representing the "innocent" AND the guilty (often it's difficult to tell the difference between the two, wouldn't you agree?). Just joking of course...


Put the Poles in office. I will vote for her. Hell Yes!!


Relax Oeds, you see how relaxed Stephen seems? He is not at all bothered abt my remarks, why would you dear? But you would definitely make a good lawyer! Dont take all so personal, we are not enemies, just ppl commenting on Village Life 100 when Baaarth becomes a metropola with a spa in it!

Im sorry if my agressiveness in my blog upset you Oeds. I just dont get why should you try to defend ppl you dont really know well and make scenarios that are not always concording with the reality... but i guess thats just you, too passionate in statements.



Yes Cris. Me being just too passionate in "my statements". Thank god I choose the path of poetry writing where I can just be really logical.

Or maybe I'll go and make a few posts about all of this on my blog.

Naw. Seems a bit over the top, come to thing about it. Even this response is pretty much pushing it I guess.


Its ok Oeds, you can state even the most passionate statements i dont really mind. I like you and enjoy your blog, your sofa, your new apt. and your gay friend Juan.

King Of The Hill

Come on, this is far too civilised. Sheesh. Where can you go for a decent catfight these days?


King i am coming to England so make sure u got that sausage functioning! I might even verbally abuse u if u wish!

King Of The Hill

Er...I'm washing my hair...

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