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September 11, 2006



Yay for the pub. Given the places you've been to you may as well give Karachi a miss, will be a bit of an anti-climax. Incidentally yesterday I was longing for Karimabad in Hunza and the amazing little sloping road from where you can see Nanga Parbat and what not. I saw an avalanche from my balcony window when I stumbled out in the morning. Prickled you like nobody's business.


Oh I don't know about the GT road but I do know that Daewoo runs the whole route to Peshawar (was supposed to go there for Pathan friend's wedding but the city was striking at that point so just stayed in Islamabad and bought books with his present money) on the motorway. I don't suppose you were around when the motorway started functioning?


No, they hadn't finished the Peshawar-Isb section when I left. In fact, just around Nowshera, there were great chunks of motorway that were not connected to anything but simply sat there looking folorn.

I also loved Karimabad :)


Did you ever managed to go to Altit and Baltit fort? We went their with this impressive guide who told us how Shimshal was the mythical Australia for the Hunzunkuts. They used to banish all prisoners to that place. We walked 7 hours to Shimshal and it was raining over there. Had to make a human chain and cross a bridge over a gorge that had planks missing in the middle.

And I hope you did not go without tasting Hunza Water.I thought it was strong but then they gave me this distilled stuff that stung my tastebuds senseless.


Yes, we went to Altit and Baltit. In fact we spent an awful lot of time up in the Northern areas and also the northern end of the Swat valley.

Have you been to Swat in Spring or Autumn? Heaven. The Serena there now has a pool and does the most perfect tea on the lawn. If I could buy a retirement home anywhere in the world it would be in Swat...


I went to Swat when I was a child, I just remember picking some berries. Haven't been there after that.

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