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September 11, 2006



Really? Is that so? Every one of them huh?

Very cool though - looks like fun to me.


Well, if Im honest there was one journey in Kerala that was not like this at all. Very dour and sour faced. The rest, of course, were all like this.

King Of The Hill

Yes, a picture of the 8.20 from Kentish town to Bedford. Your point being?



I thought I recognised you! At 4:26 seconds, seated on the left with the hat? Which then falls off?

Seems an awful lots of fuss that the chap in the red jacket is making about the price of a season ticket...


I love this song. I think I danced to it at every wedding that happened that season. Took a bit of getting used to though. Hated it when it came out and people in the flats opposite our residential area blared it from their curtainless windows 24/7


Thats exactly the reason why i want to go there... I want that girl! Does she come with the ticket?

King Of The Hill

That's the conductor, taking my credit card details for a saver return. Excellent value, and the Bank of Ghana were happy to advance me their overseas aid payments at just 94% interest!

Jordans shoes

To dress up a simple expressive folk tune in the trappings of a symphony is to degrade !

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