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September 11, 2006



oops - I just wrote a comment but it did not post.

I SAID. . .this is a pretty old song isn't it? And one thing I love about these south asian chicks is that none of them are twigs - they all eat and enjoy their parathas.


Agreed. Without wishing to descend into the realms of sexism; they know what a good ass looks like.

Ok, I descended.

I thought it was old but then I saw 2004? It cant be 2004, I was in Dubai then. Im sure its 2002 or something...


Oh yeah, I like this and the dancing. It is a real treat to see BBAs.

King Of The Hill

I'll just roll my tongue back in, shall I? I had a Filippino girlfriend for a brief while (not as sordid as it sounds, I promise) who kind of looked like her. Sigh. Happy memories.


BBA's ?

I had a couple of Pakistani gfs for a while...and, without wishing to annoy anyone from Ukraine, I have to say that Pakistani women are lush...


Id be damned...i want one of those as well! They are lush..well i still like blonds better..


HhaHAHA you are alll sooo sex deprived... it is a good video though...


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