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September 12, 2006



It say's congrats you are going on holiday. We are proud to be the ones flying you to your location. We serve beer, wine and mixed spirits on the plane. We also heve hard bread and the meat and cheese taste like wax. We also hope you relax in the mineral baths in Budapest. PS. Don't get in the wrong line at customs. Our long legged blond customs officers with 9mm may shoot or yell at you for sure. Oh, BTW if we loose your bags forget about being paid in euros, we pay in forint. LOL, all you can do is not like it.
Thank you for flying Malev Airlines..


If you are now a fan of Budapest you might like to check out Hungary’s first English language podcast:


Desert Cowboy


Saw, your picture of Farah airport. I was stationed there in 2004 & 2005. Just wanted to let you know that things were getting better there. Our group was the first group of Americans there and we did a lot of work trying to help the community. Sometimes I really miss the people and the city. Just wondering what you did there. Media? Global Security? UN? Anyway nice to see the picture of the airport (my old home). Take care,

The Desert Cowboy


To make things clear...

"Kérjük tartsa magánál a kinyomtatott elektronikusjegy-igazolást az utazása alatt! Ez az elektronikus jegy nem átruházhat"
means the following:
"Please have the printed e-Ticket certification with you durig your trip. This e-Ticket can not be assigned to anyone else."

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