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September 07, 2006



Fiction: The House of Spirits- Isabel Allende (not that I like it much, reeked too much of Marquez to me but all I can think of) OR Atonement- Ian McEwan OR Possession-A.S.Byatt (beautifully written) OR Kite Runner-Khalid Hosseini (set in 1970s Afghanistan and then jumps to contemporary times)

Travel literature: City of Djinns- William Dalyrmple. It's about Delhi.


The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon or Stars at Noon by Denis Johnson


Aztec by Gary Jennings



Thank you all...I shall check these out. Aside from the Dalyrmple which I have already :)


What happened to my comment? Maybe I didn't make one. Maybe I only thought about it. Hmm...

Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon.


Oooooo Jenny I am just just just getting that. I hear it's a great book.


I have a swede friend there who plays music and lives in budapest if u need help.. his english is exellent.. got a nice manchester accent though. If u want he can show u around. Hey i was also planning to go there by train! But i will go there next month. Hungary was never quite my cup of tea..but the swede guy is cool! Still looks a bit gay though.. hahah.

Well let me know if u want his contact details.

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