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September 12, 2006



If that menu is a result of the Thwack you should do it more often.


Sounds great! Sign me up as well. . .or wait I think I'm busy on Christmas day.


Wow, that sounds delicious!


I think that's very reasonably priced. In my mind's eye, you are still quite short and I can't imagine you ever bumping the top of your head on anything really. Interesting.


Is Stephen short, Jenny? I've always pictured him about 5'11".


Stephen is 6 ft, Dawn. Jenny has always felt that I am dwarf, much to my consternation.


oh. . .well that would make you not at all short then.


If Sveta will vouch for your height, I'll try to rearrange my mental picture of you (which has you about 5'8'' or so).


Sveta would not vouch for my height as she finds it amusing to tell me that I am short. This is because my father, 6ft 3, likes to refer to me as the runt of the family and Sveta finds this terribly amusing.


Well, Jenny, he is very tall alright also as dumb, as seen in his recent posts! But other parts are ahem...not that big lets say. Truth must be told Ste!

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