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September 06, 2006



Isn't the tea at 3 or 4 called high tea? I don't know - y'all seem to have far too much structure around tea drinking. Although I went to a 'bridal tea' at the ritz once and it was quite nice. . .all the dainty sandwiches were so cute.

Hungarian men are handsome? I didn't realize that. . I'll have to check into it.


Oooo - take the train! Sounds fun.


Tea at 5 is High Tea.


I love traveling by train, so I'm with Jenny on this one.


At Mulberry Farm or some such fruitcake place in Enid Blyton's charming fertile mind used to have high tea at six. All the "ruddy" farm boys used to eat at it. I still wonder what ruddy farm boys look like. My theory is all un-ruddy farm boys moved to London because the ruddy ones called them runts and buried them in manure.Hence the urban-rural physique dichotomy.


I once had the good fortune to stay at the Merrion in Dublin, where I ordered high tea, by myself and I ate every bit. Yum.


hey the Orient Express just passed by romania ..now its in bulgaria or smth .. i think!

Not a big deal... too modern for an atique thingy supposedly. Lots of french though and train spotters.. anyway, have fun in Budapest. Its a shithole and the language really sucks! The ppl even more! ..nice architecture though...

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